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A review of JoyToKey by Andrew

If you play games or you want to control the computer through a joystick, this program will allow you to do it. The main input devices common for most computers is the mouse and a keyboard. We introduce to you JoyToKey which now not only helps to act as an input function for games but also turn the joysticks into input devices.

This application uses the joystick as a keyboard and mouse clicks. This lightweight toolkit is a portable version meaning you need no installation for it to run. All you need is for you to identify the executable file and automatically run it. However, you need to have a third party device to support its installation; otherwise, it may not load or run. The control function of the toolkit contains 16 joysticks which act as the base for all the other controllers.

A significant button of the tool is the ‘switch to other configuration’ where you can command several files and customize them to perform a function in just a few clicks one you select all of them from the drop/down list.
You can also tailor the joystick to a mouse by running a mouse emulation with the inbuilt 32 button which acts as a wheel to run the application.

In general, we cannot forget the toolkit to help enhance the gaming experience. It acts as a controlling device for all movements in the game.

All you need is a real joystick.

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December 6, 2017
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