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Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an application which protects your computer from any form of malware. It is a widely used antivirus protection tool. It detects and deletes worms, viruses, Trojan and other web threats before causing any harm to your computer. To install and set up the application is simple and easy. Once you start it, it runs on four major functions. They include, scan, detect, remove and update. All the functions are detailed and easy to run. 

The major function of any antivirus is the scanning. Kaspersky Anti-Virus performs four different methods of scanning depending on your time availability. The scans include:

  • full scan: it checks the entire computer system;it takes a longer time. 
  • quick scan: it just scans major areas of the computer which are prone to malicious content;it takes a shorter time, 
  • custom scan: it performs scan on selected file locations which you can make a choice
  • removable scan: this runs on any external removable disk plugged or inserted on the computer. 

After any of the scans, a report is displayed on any the number of virus detected, the names and finally removes them from the system.

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