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Can manage passwords in a secure way

This program is a solution to save your time and keep your data more secure. KeePass is a way to store all your passwords into a single place, in a secure way. In this way, you can use different and strong passwords for each online acount and you do not have to remember it. This program offers you a secure encryption. and can generate passwords using sthe pecified characters or using a pattern. You will set a single password (master password) and if you enter it, you will have access to all information. Select a file as database, than generate a master password and you are ready to use it.

An interesting feature is the usage of access keys. Besides the master password, you can choose to generate a file (key) and access the program with the password and that key. You can keep the key file on an USB stick.

Clipboard memory can be cleaned after a time that is set by you. Can lock workspace,show expired entries or delete backup entries before quit from the current program. Can export files from databaseto xml, txt or csv extensions, then you can use them for backup or to import in another applications. The program allows plugins.

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