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Simple program to generate secure passwords

The main cause of different “stolen passwords” is the fact that people use passwords that are easy to guess or crack using brute force attacks. If you want to make your passwords almost impossible to discover, use KeyGen. This little program generates random passwords that are virtually 100% secure– don’t forget to write them on a paper to not be  locked out of your social media accounts.

KeyGen is portable, so it doesn’t need to be installed on your machine to use it. This makes it great for keeping on a USB flash drive and using it on other computers when you’re travelling for work or leisure. 

You can configure a few rules for the random passwords – number of characters, capital letters and things like that. This is a very stable little program that does the job it was designed to do: create passwords that cannot be guessed easily.

Generate your own complicated passwords with this tool, formerly keygen.exe. Choose length (by default is 5, select upper case and/or special characters if you want) and click Generate.

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