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Children always love playing computer games. It is a great platform which allows them to learn while playing the games. Kids Abacus is one such game which is also a learning tool. It is a tool used to allow kids learn counting through using games. It helps the young users to count from 1 to 100. It is purely a mathematical game. 

It is interesting and fun; at the same time to make children concentrate on the game at the same time improve cognitive development through learning mathematical concepts. The mathematical workflow on the interface is simple, interactive and easy to use. It also has in-built visual components to add aesthetic value to the game. The only disadvantage of the tool is that it only supports mathematical counting for children who are young in age.

 The speech synthesizer in-built on the interface makes it more interactive and fun at the same time. The tool does not offer other complex mathematical concepts apart from basic counting. Kids Abacus is a small file which occupies a small hard disk space hence does not compromise computer performance at all. This is a great tool for young kids who are just beginning of the school.

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