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"Manage and store passwords to fill automatically at login"
A review of LastPass by Andrew

When you have several accounts, it might be difficult to remember all the passwords. LastPass is here to offer solutions for you by offering a storage location and further update the passwords in case you make any changes. The tool supports various web browsers like Opera, Safari, Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The tools gather allthe  passwords in one window in a secure location. The tool automatically replaces any existing password managers and also allows you to choose which web browsers to use for saving the passwords. It stores the passwords in a database format with all the information on the log ins safely displayed. 

Any time you log in to the account the application updates the system to ensure the current password and log in information is stored. The database information can also allow you to add notes on the filled relevant to the account like the security questions among others. The custom field can also allow you to add personal details like the address, residence, bank details and employer details among others. 

The interface is integrated with other social networks to enable you share information as long as the other user also has a LastPass account. Since it is web integrated it has auto refill settings for quick and easy update of information.

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