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Manage LG mobile phone from computer: save contacts or save messages

LG PC Suite, also known as LG Phone Manager or PC sync, is needed when you want to connect certain Android LG phones to your computer, to transfer files. If you need to transfer videos, photos and audio tracks from the phone to the computer or vice versa, you need to install this software. Otherwise, the computer may not recognize the phone and won’t allow you to transfer anything. This software contains all the necessary drivers to enable your PC to see the phone and interact with it. Drivers are pieces of software that facilitate the communication between your computer and various devices.

The LG PC Suite, can also synchronize other information between your phone and Windows PCs. For example, you can sync calendar events and the address book. Contacts can be sent to, and pulled from, Outlook with ease. It also allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection (also known as Air Sync) between the LG smartphone and a computer. 

However, a cable connection is a lot faster. Use it to transfer large files such as video clips and multiple audio files. The program acts as a multimedia manager, so you can use it synchronize your media library with the LG phone.

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