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A review of Limnor Codeless Programming System by Andrew

Computer applications are written on a computer language which can be translated to functions. Limnor Codeless Programming System is a software tool which does not use the programming language but just the normal computer packages. The software has inbuilt databases, flowcharts, 2D dimensions in a 2D dimension in an XML format. The computer just generates the XML files and the computer translates them in a C language. The programming language works remotely. It has an IDE system which seamlessly hosts the program and allows you the user to visualize the outcome. The interface uses mathematical concepts and parameters to enable Limnor Codeless Programming System to run effectively.

Database concepts are used to form a chronological order which is a great requirement in programming. Without an order, the application will be cluttered and the functions become incoherent. 

The software is complex with comprehensive features; it needs a little expertise to run the application, otherwise newbies are advised to get training before attempting to operate the application. 

A unique feature of the application it can design a flow chart diagram that can be translated to functions seamlessly to give out a well pre-programmed tool. File executions are run fast and effectively.

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