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The email is a popular communication tool. However, it can also be full of junk and spam mails which can even filter very important mails to the spam folder. MailDominion is simple, interactive and intuitive tool with a filter to differentiate useful emails from the junk mail. It performs this by removing the junk mails from the pop3 and filters them before they reach the inbox folder. 

The tool also acts as a storage device for good mails. It has an intelligent component which helps differentiate the email from their sources. The application has been proved to be accurate and all useful mails are filtered on the inbox while the junk mails are stored on the spam folder. 

This is a software application with many tools. It is a spam blocker, email filter, back up tool and an anti-spam all in one toolset. Software developers of MailDominion used Bayesian mathematical concept to help it identify the difference in Email content for correct transfer to the right folder. It is a small sized file compatible with many web browsers.

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