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A recreation of the classic game Super Mario with custom level editor

Mari0 is similar with classical versions of this popular game. This version is with 1 player against the computer. An interesting fact is that you have a Level Editor where you can create or modify the arrangement of blocks and the dificulty. You can play with a friend and create the level for him.

Level Editor

You can choose a different color for background (blue, black, water), choose a different music (Overworld, Castle, Underwater ..) or set a limit for time. You can test the created level after each modification.

You can quit the menu anytime and return to game.

Game Controls

Use W A S D for movement and “Space” key  for jumps. With “Left Shift” key you can run fast and pressing E allows you to use the selected object. Press Esc to go to the Options menu.


This is a classic game made for computers from old generations, so will work on any laptop or desktop. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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