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Record and view mouse movements

When you want a tool which records every movement of your mouse then Mouse Recorder Pro is the best option. The portable and lightweight program is simple and user-friendly with no complex features on the interface.

Records and saves mouse activities

What next after recording the movements? You can now view all the movements and make a customized functions through the automated process on the interface. All you need is to click a record icon at the starting point where you wish to record. At the end of the operation, a simple press of the F12 button ends and saves the recording.

All the recorded operations can be viewed in a list format and you continuously play them. Moreover, if there are activities which you think are of no value, the delete button comes in handy.

Formats the recorded activity

It has a preference menu for configuration of settings like sounds, and other formatting issues. The developers of this tool took into account all types of computers from the old generation to the new generation.

Do you want to create a training module on some program in an application? Mouse Recorder Pro is the best tool to allow you record all the processes while you use voice recording programs to explain all the procedures.

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