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It allows to edit MPEG movies. Create DVD"
A review of MPEG Video Wizard DVD by Andrew

Video files recorded with a digital camera, camcorders or webcams might not be the best quality depending on the surrounding environment. An editor is required to add glamour, color and graphics and play around with background themes to produce a presentable video.MPEG Video Wizard DVD does not disappoint regarding these aspects. 

Video production seems to be a complex operation. The current technological advancement offers various tools like this software, that simplifies the operations even for beginners. 


  • Produces a DVD with a professional look
  • Maintains video quality
  • Editing: Provides an accurate HD experience
  • Delete; Erases scene background and image noise or video distractions.
  • Batch / Mass processing: offers a mass export of videos simultaneously.
  • Offers multiple video production by changing shapes and graphics-supports tilting
  • It is a multiple toolkit that can add, delete,convert, fix, reader and burn. All these are in the multiplexer, scanner, converter, DVD Burner and reader, exporter to AVI & MP4 
  • File conversion to various file formats. 
  • Flexible video tool: easy-to-use and use-friendly interface.
  • Minimum of re-encoding hence a fast computer performance and video edit operations.
  • Supports MPEG,MP4,MOV,PSP,AVI,IPD and MPEG.
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