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Editor for text and programming code

Programmers need a fast software to develop their applications at their comfort zones. An idea can come up while relaxing. Notepad ++ is small application that can serve such a purpose. It has all the necessary functions a programmer requires to create and develop a program. It has a simple interface and offers a suite of functions that come in the help of the user.

It includes support for  PCRE regular expressions, it has search and replace within fulders, subfolders, text.


  • Tabbed editing:  a user can open various tabs with binary functions to create and test commands.
  • Text editor:  it has an in- text input feature to key in texts, edit and even delete where appropriate.
  • Auto-completion: automatically completes functions, for example, word finishing,parameter finishing and command finishing.
  • Multilingual versions: It is available in major global languages making it widely .used even in emerging markets.
  • Multi-view: can view more than one window simultaneously.
  • It is supported by MS-DOS since it is in binary form.
  • Zoom options: For minimized or maximized view, a user can zoom in and out.
  • It supports binary translation.
  • Operate in a syntax mode.
  • Small sized program hence low space occupancy on the processor, this makes its performance speedy and fast.
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