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Most of us spent days, weeks, even years playing Mario games in our childhood. It was a simple game, but it is one of the most addictive and popular games in existence. In Old Super Mario Bros. v.6, you control Mario. You can also play in multiplayer and one of your friends controls Luigi, Mario’s brother. Multiplayer in Super Mario means twice the fun! You, along with Luigi, play through the mystic Mushroom Kingdom; the ultimate and difficult goal is to defeat the malevolent Bowser and rescue Princess Toadstool. The game is so good and gamers love it so much that IGN has declared it the “greatest game of all time” back in 2005.

If you’ve never played Mario, you should definitely give it a try, asthe game can be quite captivating. Run through the realm and collect coins, or hit special bricks to receive special items and other powers. To get additional lives, you must collect mushrooms and coins or defeat several enemies in a row. You lose lives when you take damage from enemies, fall or run out of time. As you might expect, the game is over when you lose your last live. You can play solo or with a friend on eight worlds, each having 4 separate stages.

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