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Battleship War is a strategy game where you wll use a lot your intuition. The results is unknown until the end of the gam and probably that makes it very addictive and interesting for all ages.

How to play Battleship

  • you have a number of ships
  • drag them on your map in the desired position (your opponent will not see your ships)
  • you can rotate each ship with 90 degrees from the game options, also you can drag and drop to move it before the beginning of the game
  • after the gae begins, you cannot move the ships on the map!
  • after you have positioned your ships, the opponent need to guess where are on the map by clicking on a square

The player who will discover ALL the ships from the opponent’s map, will win. Both players have the same number and shapes of ships.

There is no download required, just play it online with computer or with friends. Also, you can play it on paper, just use a math paper with squares..