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Checkers, also called “draughts” in Australia and UK, is a board game that can be played single, against computer or together with two friends. The game requires to play smart and have a tactic.

Player age

  • from 5 years old people up to seniors. It is for everyone

How to play

  • you can make only diagonal moves
  • the direction is only forward
  • if you go to the opposite side (the last line where the opponent have pieces) then you move forward too
  • the player how catch all pieces of its opponent will win

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2 player or against computer

The game allows you to play with the computer or, if you have a friend, you can play with it.

There is no download needed, just play it online. ZYou do not have to be an expert to start, if it looks hard at the beginning after 2 or 3 matches you will love it.