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"Can send and receive email. Supports POP3 and IMAP"
A review of Opera Mail by Andrew

A software that allows you to manage multiple email accounts from one single application. Is similar with Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. If you are not used with Outlook, this application may meet your needs. The program is made by the developers of Opera browser. You have a lot of customization options when you are composing a message. A lot of font types to choose, a lot of colors to apply it to your text, shortcuts to increase or decrease font size, indent and make ordered or unordered lists. From Insert menu you can add images, links or HTML code in your email.

Labels with colors

You can assign different labels for received emails like important, call back, to do and more, each of them with a different color. 

Opera Mail is very good in organizing your emails, you can sort them easily by type of attachment (documents, images, music, videos, archives). The program allows you to import contacts from Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook or other email client. You can add multiple email accounts.

For Contacts you can assign different icons and easily sort or identify them after that.

RSS reader

Another features is that you can add and receive/read RSS feeds. You do not have to use a different RSS reader, you can receive feeds directly in Opera Mail. 

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