Outlook Express

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A classic email solution

Note: will work only in Windows XP

Outlook is a program that will send and receive emails, but also is a solution to arrange and manage a large amount of messages. A myriad of people now work on computers in the office or at home. We all use computers as a means of communication to friends, colleagues, clients and family members. Microsoft Outlook is the ideal solution.

It is a combination of e-mail, calendars, notepads etc. You can work with e-mail messages, retrieve contact information and view future appointments. Also, you can search through all messages.


  • Receive and send e-mail messages
  • View future appointments and tasks and receive reminders 
  • Share information with other people inside of the organization
  • Trace the conversations you have with other people.
  • Delete unwanted and annoying spam messages
  • It allows to setup multiple email accounts
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