Panda Free AntiVirus

Modern AV in cloud"
A review by Andrew

Each computer can be damaged by different types of malware and viruses, especially if you are connected to the internet. You must have a protective tool for your system to prevent malfunctions. This is only possible when you install an antivirus to keep off the bug as well as any threats in the system. Panda antivirus works on a different system, it detects and disinfects them.

The storage of the content is in a cloud which you can access with a simple tool. It comes with a dual service that is an Antivirus and a Spyware. It also looks at the behavior of the tool to act as a detective tool. In fact, it checks on the monitor and filters on the web to detect it. It is a simple and easy to use application.

This is a free application and occupies a small hard disk space that means it does not compromise on the computer functioning. The freeware also has a demo which you can use to check on what you may have a challenge in doing. Moreover, it acts as a help file to guide users in navigating through the system.

The many downloads and uses of this application is a clear indication of its best performance. It not only checks on antivirus but also blocks you from accessing any website that may cause challenges in your system.

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Panda Security
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December 29, 2017
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