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Create and store in database passwords for easy and safe management

The internet offers numerous account openings in different sites. Mastering all the passwords is not an easy task. The safety and protection of the passwords is paramount. The “Password Safe” is an application that allows storage of the passwords in a safe location. With Password Safe you can manage and locate passwords within the application without any other unauthorized access.

It’s a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is easy and flexible to use for both beginners and experts. Before accessing the application, there are different security checks to prove your identity. The interface is a spreadsheet toolkit with rows and columns. Apart from just saving the password, you can add other cells to name the sites. Each entry has additional fields for texts. The software provides advanced tools that can search, filter, add, delete and save.

It is an application that is safe and secure. The interface has menu bar, tool bar and search bar to help the work when there are many entries to highlight the keyword. It can arrange the passwords in an alphabetical or numerical order as you so desire. It is a small-sized file that occupies a small disk space and its installation does not compromise computer performance.

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