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Can protect the files located on USB

USB Flash Drive is an easy target for unauthorized access. This is because it runs on a simple connection through USB cable. PenProtect is a tool that comes in handy to protect the Flash Drives with a password and encryption. This tool helps you in case the Flash drive is stolen and safeguards your sensitive information not to be accessed by strangers. To perform this task, you need to save the executable file on the desired Flash Drive and run it. Once started it, it automatically gives you a window to input your password and confirm it. Once confirmed, all the content of the USB Flash Drive is locked and to access you must input the password. To remove the password the same procedure applies. 

The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can decide run either the password and encryption safety measures or just a single option. A unique feature in the interface is that, you can choose to protect specific files and folders and not the entire Flash Drive. This is ideal for a USB Flash Drive which is shared. PenProtect is a small-size file with a help function to guide you when you are stuck. 

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