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Photos can be cluttered in your phone or a computer. A program to organize photos is essential to allow an easy navigation of the photos and to create an awesome presentation (slideshows) . Photos of specific events should be put together in an album. Picasa is such a tool with great features in photo organization and management. It has an interface which allows you to sort photos using specific formats like date, time, and events among others.

The interface has an automatic function where it can store the photos in folders and thumbnails. It is a simple, flexible and easy-to-use interface, although during installation, care is advised since it has several configurations which can affect the functioning of your web browser. The most unique feature of the interface is the online and offline functions. 

Comprehensive features are available when you are connected to the internet. Apart from being a photo organizer, it is also aphoto editor. It allows you to add visual effects, rename. resize and zoom among other features. 

The interface isintegrated to the web browsers through add-ins to allow you broadcast your photos on the web. Other features include: batch processing, image creation, backup and collage creation. All these functions are aimed to improve photo quality.

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