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An addictive classic game"
A review of Pocket Tanks by Andrew

This is a battle game in which players use weapons to with an aim of conquering the opponent’ tanks. You can play with friends or singlehandedly. All you need is a tactic to fire weapons at the target within the landscape.

The fun of this game is the fact that you have unlimited type and number of weapons to choose from. In addition, you use your creativity to buy yourself away from the opponent’s weapons for a win. This is a brain game ideal for improving your cognitive development for both adults and children.

It is user-friendly in a way that you have a tutorial on what you expect and how to maneuver through the landscape as you pick your weapons ready for a fight. In addition, you choose your tools of battle prior to the game. Once you begin the missile launching, all you need is your gaming skills against your opponent.

You need no experience in gaming to play Pocket Tanks. If you are looking for a game that all fiends will be enemies while gaming, at the same time have fun then Pocket Tanks is the best choice for you. The intuitive and interactive interface with minimal complex features gives it a plus above all other games of similar objectives.

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