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Can convert printable files to .SWF Flash format

This is a web design utility kit which helps online users to generate Flash or HTML5 files from different documents. The application supports file conversion to start printing function from a web browser. To access the full function of the tool, you need to download the application install and run the set up procedure to allow compatibility with your installed printer. 

The application performs the print function in two ways. The first you use the drag and drop option to drag the files on the interface and slight adjustments performed on the file before final output- printing. The second is to integrate the printing system on the interface such that the printing is direct once the file has been selected. The second option manages each file and it is an autonomous function. Additionally, you can print any file format from the default package but you have to set Print2Flash as a default printer. 

The application can run basic edit function to give the document a great outlook before final printing. It also has a cancel option to stop all edit functions. Configuration settings of the interface support thumbnail, optimization and watermark. This a great tool for web documents.

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