Pro Evolution Soccer

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Nice game of football

If you love the sport in general and football in particular, you must try a realistic soccer game that puts your team right in the heat of the battle of the Champions League. Do you have what it takes to win the cup? 

Thanks to its game engine, this digital soccer game is almost as realistic like the real football (virtual players look like their real life counterparts, for example). The game features realistic animations and all players have the techniques and traits of real football players (strengths and weakness alike). An interesting feature is the collision detection used by the game engine; unlike in previous titles, the ball can actually bounce off your foot — don’t think that just because you run fast you can hold on to the ball under any circumstance. The ball may bounce unexpectedly if you aren’t careful with the controls, but this only makes the game more realistic.

The graphics of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 are pretty good and the animations are fluid. Also, the settings are relatively simple to master and the settings menus are intuitive. The options that control your team’s pressing, the attack and the defensive line are impressive as well.

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