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Computer performance is composed of a variety of operations in a complex and fast procedure. At times, it is not easy to know what is happening in your computer system. Process Monitor is a tool designed to help you monitor all the activities both online and offline. It checks on the file system, registry, running applications and all sequenced activities of your computer. It also checks the single and shared network operations and activities. The interface is simple, flexible and easy to use. All the operations detected are shown on the screen in a drop-down list with all the details (time, date and recommendations).

The interface has custom configuration settings to allow you filter all the operations based on the settings. When you double click an entry, event properties icon appears with all related functions. Once you click on any of the functions, the system runs them and saves them in a desired file format. The major file format supported include: CSV, PML and XML among others. 

The interface allows you to view the registry in a column form and a customized function like, event activity, network activity among others. Process Monitor is a complex tool which let you view all the activities for further analysis and diagnostic operations.

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