Project IGI 2: Covert Strike

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You have to move fast to defeat enemies

The adventure continues. After the success of version 1, Codemasters has released a new version of this game, named Covert Strike. This is a demo for a single player and you can play the first levels of the game. Like in previous version, you receive different missions through some videos. You will know the main objectives and you will get some tips about how to complete it.

Do not forget that you are in the role of an ex-military, David Jones, who was a member of British special forces. You have a lot of tools to accomplish the missions, but also you must use the strategy.

Game Controls

The controls are easy to use. Use WASD to walk, jump with Space key and you have to use the mouse for actions. Also, there are additional keys to use binoculars (B), view the map and your current position (M), objectives for each mission (O) and others.

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