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PSPad is a powerful code editor for programmers and supports many languages (PHP, JS, HTML, CSS). It gives programming codes to assist software developers to design various applications irrespective of the programming language. It performs double functions. The first is the notepad and the second is a more complex text editor which can write organized and smart programming language. 

It is a simple toolkit with multiple functions with inbuilt templates which can translate major programming languages like C++, PASCAL, PHP, HTML, FoxPro among others.  The program performs the basic edit functions like copy, paste, undo, syntax highlighting, redo, macro recording together with other functions incorporated in the system. 

It is integrated with the FTP server to offer support on networks, it also runs edit functions on the server. A more unique feature of the interface is the inbuilt web browser, color editor and formatting of syntax codes. Programmers have appreciated the tool since it has both text and code editing tools on the interface. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. 

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