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Quitting smoking is not an easy task. People spend time and money in rehab centers to curb the menace. The software “Quit Smoking Stopwatch” is an application to track the number of days from the date you quit smoking. It also helps you to save time and money which could be spent on smoking. To access the application, you download it then run it. Once installed, the interface is simple, flexible and easy to use. 

It shows the install date and time plus the quit date and time. It is a tool which tracks milestones and motivate an individual who has just quit smoking. The interface has a timer which shows the year, month, date, hour, minute and seconds for the smoking achievement. 

In case you reset the timer, the previous details are saved and recorded. It is also integrated with the calculator to monitor the amount of money saved. This acts as an encouraging tool to stay committed to the challenge. 

To safeguard the content of the timer, the interface is password- protected with full encryption function. It is a small-sized file which occupies a small hard disk space hence its occupancy does not compromise computer performance. However, it lacks a restart button to reset the timer.

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