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Customize the mouse and keyboard"
A review of Razer Synapse by Andrew

The mouse and keyboard can be customized and you can tweak different characteristics and the behavior such as speed, sensitivity and more. When you need to tailor your keyboard to function with specific keys while gaming, then Razer Synapse comes in handy. This tool helps in allowing you to maintain your gaming speed using the keys you are familiar with. The tool comes in handy especially when the game does not have custom settings for the same function.

Good for gamers

If you play many computer games, this tool is for you. Especially if you have to be fast in your actions. This is a hardware enhancement function for any input devices. In addition, you can also configure the application such that you have a target device to work with the application.

Moreover, the application gives you unlimited access to configuration settings of the mouse, for example, to adjust mouse and enhance sensitivity.

This tool is of help to make shortcuts to various functions in the game in a bid to improve your gaming experience. You also can power some keyboard functions in a wireless mode. This is a tool which you can handle some tweaking templates to ensure you customize the input functions.

Maybe you don’t know yet what capabilities have these hardware components and it is the time to try.

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