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Recover deleted files (photos etc.)

Anytime you erase a file it goes to the Recycle Bin, once you empty the Recycle bin the files can’t be recovered. However, Recuva is an application which enables you to recover all deleted files which cannot be seen. The applications is simple to install, once installed it automatically launches itself through a wizard. The types of files it can recover include: document files, images, photos, videos, movies and emails. 

The application is configured to recognize and to work, also, with other external devices (USB stick) to allow deep search of the file in all file locations and the entire computer system. When basic recovery process has failed, it runs deep scanning which takes a bit of time. These operate without the interface. Once you select the file and the drive, the rest of the process is automatic.

Scan results indicate the file in different color schemes. Green shows excellent while orange shows low chances of recovery and finally red indicates unrecoverable. On top of that the results are comprehensive with all the details concerning the file shown. Some of the details include: date it was last saved, location among other details.

Generally, the speed of recovery depends on the file size and the type of scan.

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