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About RegexSR

This is a software tool written in a programming language (Java code) and allows you to perform searches by regular expressions. It has a simple interface with all functions displayed in one window. The software does not needs Java code expertise. The window has a help function to assist you when stuck. The help function has a search bar where you key in a function and the search results in relation to all the functions is displayed. Additionally, the interface has two windows. The first displays information on a layman’s language and the second one which appears at the bottom shows a programming language which translates the layman’s language. This feature helps a beginner to have a feel of how programming language functions and formulas are displayed to give out the correct preset programs.

The file menu runs on a drop down list where all filenames are displayed for your selection. The interface is compatible with major programming file extensions to allow importation and exportation of different file formats. The parameters menu allows repository expressions ideal for all programming functions and languages. Generally, installation and overall running of the program is simple and pretty fast.

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