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Stop running processes that cannot be stopped via Task Manager

You will admit that having an antivirus is not a guarantee to remove all the malware. Some of them are too technical for a basic antivirus to get rid of them. You need a complex application like RKill to help you remove the malware before is cause damage to your device.

Gets to the system files to remove malware or virus

What makes RKill unique? It works on the system and optimizes it, unlike the Windows task manager which only works on the OS. This application stops the malware even if your antivirus failed to do so.
Moreover, it removes both the malware and the antivirus of any kind. The powerful nature of the toolkit helps to quarantine and even prevent any further damage to the device.

Updates the OS for normal functioning

Has the malware causes a system failure? Never worry, the installation of this kit understands the secret behind the malware or antivirus. It uproots the entire stubborn files which cause the malfunctioning. At the end of the process, the toolkit restores some of the damaged files. In case it reaches the system files which deals with the OS; it is advisable to run an update to enhance its performance and restore your device to normal functioning.

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