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This is a software application which offers a platform to allow you view and read feeds. It is compatible with RSS, Atom and RDF feeds. The initial stages of the wizard, allows you to imports the supported feed from a website or a storage location or even an external storage location. The components of the storage location are well organized ad all the informationviewed at a glance. The information include, date, title, composer, and any other relevant information. The management of the feeds is easy since you can mark them and rename them for easy access.

The interface has a search function which allows you to carry out the search using any of the information mentioned above. Additionally, it is integrated with social media platforms to support sharing among friends. They social networks include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter among others. The tool also supports basic edit functions like rename, undo, copy, and delete among others. Once completed you can export the new file to an output device for preview, printing, and furthers customization. 

The application’s configuration settings support add-ons and third party applications for other functions like web browsing, password management among others. These resetting at be restored to default at any time. This is a must have tool if you require a tool to support reading of feeds.

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