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Secure use of new applications

Sandboxier is a web browser utility that allows controlled connection between the computer and the internet. It prioritizes the internet security and the protection while accessing the web. It has an in-built security option that detects, locates and prevents any malware and spyware during internet browsing.

The interface is not user-friendly and needs a little web expertise to run the installation process. However, some simple functions can be handled by beginners. It  is designed to operate outside the hard disk space, this allows effective running of applications with minimal interruptions and with less risks.

You can access new websites in a secure environment. This web browser utility helps you to access malicious content without causing any damage to the computer. It is remotely integrated with the Operating Systems and the resultant features can be viewed and configured on the desktop, through various folders on the desktop and icons.

During web browsing with this browser, you do not need to worry about any virus threats that can sneak from different the sites. It allows unlimited access to the web.

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