Serious Sam II

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You have to fight with enemies in the role of Sam

Serious Sam II: The Second Encounter is a FPS game made for Windows. It was produced by Croteam and was launched in Oct 2005.

In single player campaign, the player will take  the role of hero Sam in his ventures resistant to the forces of the extra-terrestrial overlord, Mental, who wants to eliminate human race. 

After the events of first game, Sam moves through diverse planets and is trying to gather parts of a medallion in order to destroy Mental. He is led by the Great Council – Sirian –  and gets occasional help from the residents of the planets where he travels.

The game has some excellent features such as:  Frantic Arcade Style Action, Enemy Beings, iconic creatures and others. 

Magnificent Environment – fight across more than forty attractive, substantial levels spread out over seven closed environments. It also has different Weapons like minigun, shotgun, cannon and rocket launcher along with powerful turrets and vehicles, all these to play and for fun. 

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