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3D drawing for architects

SketchUp creates, develops and modifies 3D concepts. It integrates the digital technology and pencil sketching to develop a powerful design that is unique with a touch of class and artwork. The interface supports exploration of 3D concepts in its design and creation of 3D drawings. It has an intelligent and well programmed application that gives a step-by-step guide on the procedure from creation, development and design of the drawing. It can create complex 3D tools through its push and pull method that runs on a drag and drop functionality.

The application has a rendering function to give you an idea at the onset of your drawing; this saves you time you could have used to conceptualize the design. It also allows addition of visual effects like color, lines, texture among others with in depth analysis of the quantity of material and cost equivalents. The end drawing gives a visual outlook ofreal time shadow effects. Its intuitive and interactive interface supports the exportation and importation of supported file formats in the work stream.

The architects use the software to manage geometric tools to come up with real time objects with correct designs and scenes. It supports the following file extensions for import: DWF, DWG and DXF. For exports it supports EDS,PDF and TIF among others.

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