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Create personalized slideshows with photos and videos"
A review of Smilebox by Andrew

A slideshow with favorite photos from holiday, with your family or friends, can be very relaxing. This program helps you to create one very easy. The same feeling you have when you receive a card is the same feeling when you use Smilebox to incorporate videos and photos to make slides. This is a tool used to make invitation collages among other similar tools.

The application is simple and friendly to use since you have an unlimited number of inspirational quotes to suit the situation.

The interface contains numerous designs which are editable to choose the most appropriate collage for your need. In addition, if you have an idea of what you need you can use the search button to key in the keyword and you get a list of all the designs for you to make a choice.

The moment you have made a choice of the design, you can use a drag-and-drop function to add either videos or photos to give you a personalized graphic image of your invitation.

You can preview your work before you finally save it on the specified storage device. In addition, it has integration to various social media networks to share the image with friends and family.

Finally, the simplicity and flexibility of the interface make it the best in having fun with your friends.

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