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The “Sublime Text” comes with an interface customizable and with multi-tabbs . You can organize and personalize your working space as you wish, you can hide or display certain elements such as Status Bar, Side Bar or Minimap. You can split the main window horizontally or vertically or changing the color scheme.


Probably the main advantage of the program is that allows the addition of different plugins developed by another authors. A popular feature is the “Package Control” which allows to install multiple plugins. A popular plugin is called “Emmet“, which brings keyboard shortcuts saving your time.

You can edit multiple documents at once, create snippets for repetitive blocks of code or change the default key bindings to meet your requirements.

Moreover, you can use multiple selections and to change your code lines quickly – rename variables, make mass edits, modify syntax and other settings.

Sublime Text supports syntax highlighting for numerous programming languages (including C/C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript and others), text indentation, find and replace, bookmarks, macros and much more.

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