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SyncToy is the tool you will need if you want to synchronize and copy the needed information between two directories or locations (PC and external hard disk, PC and USB stick etc.). It is simple to get started using this one and you will only need to create a new folder pair. You will have to select the left folder and after that the right folder and click on Synchronize. 

The action of Synchronize is quite simple to be explained. The two files will be copied both ways and if you need to delete them or rename them you will manage to do so by choosing the Synchronize option. 

You will also see the Echo method that will allow you to copy files from left to right or the Contribute option that copies the files from left to right. After you give a name to your file you can initiate the process. After you initiate the process you will be able to see the successful, failed and total operations. 

You don`t have to fear that this program will use all of your computer resources.  SyncToy will also contain a well-drawn help file which includes a step-by-step guide on how to use the software and you will see that it is pretty simple to use it.

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