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Can create professional animations (film)

The Synfig Studio is powerful and comprehensive program designed for 2D animations. This tool has components like gradient, transformation, rotation, enlargement, fractals and matrices. The software runs on vector platform which consists of both magnitude and direction. It has a simple, user friendly interface that is flexible and easy to use.However, it has multiple and complex functions all integrated in one interface. Other additional functions are performed on a different window. The advanced complex functions are made to improve and enhance the image quality of the 2D animations.

The interface has an editor that supports inclusion of visual effects like shadows,colors and scenes among others. The overall outlook of the image designed on this software has a touch of both bitmap and artwork. It enables you to improve and ignite your cognitive thought on how to integrate your artwork sketching talent in the digital technology. The interface supports adding layers to the images with all its parameters.

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