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Viewer for Tableau projects

This is an application specifically for the Tableau projects to view and explore any statistical parameters from other users.

Intuitive and interactive

With this toolkit, you can connect with various elements of the tableau projects such as maps and statistical indicators.
The software gives you access to limited TWBX files by displaying the feature and other relevant information. It makes management of these projects a walk in the park.

Changes data graphs

It is the only application permitted not only to run editing functions but also with an added advantage of exploring data from the projects. Yes, you have the content which is a read-only file, but you can make a few changes in the statistical presentation without changing the original content of the data. It could be changing the type of graph or tabulation of the same data.

Exports and import data

The software allows import/ export function to and from various file formats to make the statistical analysis. The only challenge of the application is that all the excellent functions only work on tableau projects. Although the interface is simple, you have to have a prior understanding of such projects for maximum benefit.

The application caters for all the modification and viewing challenges of Tableau projects.

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