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An unique railroad experience

Trainz: Railroad Simulator is a complex and addictive game that allows you to control everything on your railroad and also lets you drive your train or take on the attributions of a train engineer.  You can do anything from creating a fully functional railroad network to controlling locomotives and switching junctions to ensure your trains reach their destinations in time and that passengers are happy with your services. 

You can control both passenger and heavy freight trains directly from the cab of the locomotive. The game enables you to create detailed, huge 3D worlds and add tracks, train stations, power lines, roads, mountains and even entire cities. You can also control everything such as weather conditions or lighting.

Trainz: Railroad Simulator is truly one of the best games in the genre, as it allows railroad enthusiasts to build their own world and then expand their own railroad, all while driving various types of trains. 

The game perfectly combines all these features and immerses the player into the world of railroad management. One can also find a collection of locomotives, passenger carts and other things symbolic to the railroad industry in the menu “My Collection”.

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