Transport Stream Muxer (tsMuxeR)

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Combine multimedia files to be easily written on a disc

This is an application which helps in writting both video and audio files into Blue Rays output format like the M2TS files. Muxing in itself gives a user a chance to select and organize tack files according to their taste. The major output files include M2TS and VOB.

Although the application is simple, experts in muxing have more benefit. These files are not only for playback but also used in broadcasting on various IP platforms including the Dune Ultra and play stations.
Broadcasts the output file on IP platforms.

All you need is to select the video or audio tracks you need to mux and on the right-hand of the window selects the output source. The muxing takes a few minutes even if you have large sizes of video files.
Supports manual muxing.

The software also supports manual muxing of files with less response time. Other functions include bitrate, split of the files, subtitling among other basic functions in a burning software.

It also allows edit functions on the output files to make the output file manageable and organized. You can move them from one section to another; input color functions, and run HTML edits.. The tool does not discriminate any Blue Ray’s or DVD file formats.

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