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Maintenance for Windows computers

AVG TuneUp (formerly TuneUp Utilities) it is designed to clean the files from computer and optimize it. There are many files that remain on hard drive after you uninstall programs. These files can slow down the speed of your computer, so it is good to delete them. This software makes this task  automatically, you just  click a few times.

Like an antivirus, which proctects you against viruses, TuneUp will maintain the performance of a computers. That is why is good to make at least one scan per month, especially if you install and uninstall many programs.

The program will clean files from Windows Registry, will delete orphan files and icons from desktop, will clean the temporary files and cache from web browsers, will optimize the start programs and will defragment the hard drives. It is highly configurable, so you can choose which functions to activate or not.

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