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Thanks to the program TweakUI you will manage to customize any setting of your operating system. You will see that you will not have troubles in using this software because it will have an interface that is pretty simple to use. It will bring to you some various functions for you to choose from such as removing the annoying beeps when an error occurs, cursor shadow, menu animation and even hard disk optimization when the system goes in idle mode. 

You can prevent the apps from stealing focus and even adjust the mouse speed the way you would like. The AutoComplete option can also be disabled if youuse this TweakUIand it can also hide the Places bar. It will also have some interesting features such as the one that allows you to change MyComputer icons in the way you would like. 

The program doesn’t require too much system usage and it can be pretty easily used by anyone because it has a friendly interface. You can also customize the way that the desktop and taskbar looks and works with a simple touch of a button in this app.

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