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Will defragment the hard disk

UltraDefrag is a tool which adds additional support to the standard defragmentation utility that is built in the operating system. It is a simple tool which does not have any edit functions or add visual effects on the interface. The interface is flexible and easy to use with minimal options. You only need a few minutes to run the entire options on the interface. The ‘Action’ menu allows you to defragment, analyze and run optimization operations on the files. 

A more unique functionality is that the interface has a scheduler to schedule the defragmentation tasks at regular intervals. It can also defrag one file as well as multiple files simultaneously. While carrying out the defragmentation it is advisable to stop all operations to avoid computer malfunctioning and even crashing of the entire system. Every action during defragmentation in a report for analysis and further fix all the operations. 

This is a must have tool to perform basic defragmentation. The interface is simple, intuitive and very friendly for even beginners. You do not need any prior experience to run the tool although you need to be keen to check on each and every procedure that is carried out on the interface.

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