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Text editor for HTML,PHP, Perl, Java and JavaScript"
A review of UltraEdit by Andrew

Programs and applications are built using a programming language. UltraEdit is a code editor for programmers. It is a comprehensive software with detailed interface. It supports HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Java and XML file formats. Compared with Notepad++, it is more advanced., but still it is highly recommended for novice users. It has a complicated interface if not familiar with programming language though it is user friendly and simple to understand. The help function guides you on how to navigate through various functions. 

The menu bar has numerous options.  It also has a checker for spelling and PHP script debugger. Furthermore, it is a powerful tool with integration of FTP to coordinate files with the server. It can edit in both vertical and horizontal mode, with search option on the interface. 

You can forget the basic function of a programing software toolkit like copy, paste, move, edit and delete. UltraEdit has more advanced features to improve the performance when you write code. It can handle the file in masses and will insert functions simultaneously with no errors. It is a small size file which occupies a small disc space hence does not compromise compute performance.

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