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A heavy computer usage translates to files in various storage locations on the computer. You need a good system to manage and organize files into folders for mass processing, to work and to organize with the files in a smarter way.  The Unreal Commander is a tool which helps you to transfer, manage and organize files into folders.

It has multiple functions which can be customized according to your desire. It operates on three broad perspectives: synchronization, rename and FTP integration. It is packaged as a dual interface (dual panel). This is a portable version which can be saved on external devices such as the external devices like Flash Drive.

It performs basic functions like save, edit, rename, copy and paste among others. A more added function of the software lies in its integration with FTP server to make upload of file to the server. The tool has mass processing feature where the files can be merge for easy handling. These are supported on the following compression file formats like ZIP, RAP, ACE, TAR and CAB. 

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