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Create and simulate exams

Exam fever is not a new subject among many students. Why not create an exam with multiple questions with VCE Exam Simulator then save them on your computer for you offline practice? The application makes you familiarize yourself with a timed exam without tension. Designs and plays the sample exams.

The interface comes with double components. The first component is the design VCE designer which creates the examinations while the VCE player runs the simulation procedure of the created questions.
You need no knowledge of how to use this software. It is a simple application ideal for both beginners and experienced computer operators.

The opening session of the application gives a detailed account of the examination. It includes the pass mark, titles, and instructions.

Multiple exam selections

The next window enables you to select the type of questions you wish to simulate. Some of the test types include

  • Multiple choice
  • Create a flowchart
  • Connect similar objects
  • Click and select among others

Configures your test questions

The third stage of the application allows you to configure and personalize the test questions. You can preview just to confirm how the examination will feature once executed. The last step involves loading it on various platforms.

Use VCE Exam Simulator to give you insights on areas of improvement before taking a real time-limit exam.

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